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      Employee Spotlight: Steve Caamano

      Employee Spotlight: Steve Caamano - Featured Image

      Our employees are what truly make HOVER a dynamic and innovative place to work. We have a team of amazing people with a variety of backgrounds and personalities who are passionate about what they do. HOVER is committed to understand and relate to our customers in order to provide the best product on the market. To that end, we have hired construction industry insiders who bring their unique perspective to work everyday.

      Steve Caamano is one of our Senior Account Executives. He worked in roofing for several years and was early to adopt HOVER for his business. He was so convinced by the value HOVER brings to the industry that he decided to sell the product. We talked to Steve about his background, his personal experience using HOVER, and why he chose to join the team.

      How did you get started in the construction industry?

      I started my own roofing company in college and worked all over the state. After nine years, I decided to join a larger roofing outfit in my market so I could spend more time with my family. While there, I worked hard to rise to a sales manager role.

      How did you find out about HOVER?

      HOVER was first brought to my attention by the branch manager of a distributor who was trying to earn our business. This led me to talk to Julie P., HOVER’s Director of Sales. I immediately saw the value that HOVER could bring to my business and started using it for each opportunity I was working on.

      Why did you decide to try using HOVER?

      I saw tremendous value in the efficiencies it could create by replacing time-intensive hand measurements. On top of that, the 3D model could help me further engage the homeowner and stand out from my competitors, which is typically hard to do in the roofing sales atmosphere.

      What benefits have you personally gained from using HOVER?

      The main draw for me was increasing efficiency. The more opportunities I ran, the more I sold. Historically I had run four leads a day. HOVER allowed me to run five or six leads a day, and ultimately generate more output.

      What surprised you about HOVER?

      Initially, I was impressed with the technology, but the turning point for me was meeting the San Francisco team. It was really eye-opening to meet the people behind the technology and see first-hand the cutting-edge projects they were working on.

      Why did you decide to join the HOVER team?

      I feel confident that HOVER is going to change the way the construction industry works. I am very passionate about this industry as a whole and I want to be a part of its future.

      If you’d like to learn more about Steve’s experiences with HOVER, you can reach out to him here.

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