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      Employee Spotlight: Thomas Basch

      Employee Spotlight: Thomas Basch - Featured Image

      Our team here at HOVER is dedicated to advancing the construction industry through cutting edge technology. To help facilitate that cause, we employ individuals with real experience in the field. They bring a unique point of view to their jobs and to the company, to help provide the best possible product for our clients.

      Thomas Basch has worked in almost every capacity in the roofing industry, from clean-up to sales. He is passionate about revolutionizing the way contractors utilize technology. We talked to Tom about his background, his personal experience using HOVER, and why he chose to join the HOVER team.

      How did you get started in the construction industry?

      Sixteen years ago I started roofing as a summer job. I started out as a laborer doing grunt work, like cleaning debris, and then I learned how to install shingles. After a stint in the Marine Corps, I went back into the roofing industry in Charlotte. I worked as a project manager and then transitioned into sales.

      How did you find out about HOVER?

      Julie P. the Director of Sales at HOVER, stopped by my booth at a home show and gave me her card. Shortly thereafter, I met up with both Julie and Steve (Sr. Account Executive at HOVER) and quickly learned that HOVER could help me advance my business.

      Why did you decide to try using HOVER?

      I first used HOVER on my own house, and I was amazed at what it was able to do when I received the scaled 3D model and all measurements. At the same time, I had a lead in a nice part of town and I wanted to impress the homeowner. So, I took pictures of their home and shared the link to the interactive 3D model. HOVER really helped me close this big deal and I have continued to use it ever since.

      What benefits have you personally gained from using HOVER?

      I saw my close ratio increase from 32% up to 44%. HOVER particularly helped in winning jobs as I could differentiate myself and really show perceived value.

      What surprised you about HOVER?

      I couldn’t wrap my head around how HOVER is able to get all those detailed measurements from a few photos taken with my smartphone. I was also pleasantly surprised by the 3D model. I was expecting it to be more like the 2D models that I was used to working with, but it turned out to be so much more.

      Why did you decide to join the HOVER team?

      At the time, the construction industry had been relatively untouched by technology. As a new generation of contractors who grew up with technology entered the industry, I realized that they would be looking for technology innovations to help them save time and increase efficiencies. I believe that HOVER is perfect for these contractors.

      I also recognized that HOVER is revolutionizing the way contractors interact with homeowners. I wanted to share not only my positive experiences with HOVER but also help lead that change. I have really enjoyed being able to meet contractors from across the country and find out how they’re using HOVER. By sharing their experiences with other contractors, I can help them grow their business and succeed in what they do.

      If you’d like to learn more about Tom’s experiences with HOVER, you can reach out to him here.

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