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      6 Popular Exterior Paint Colors and Combinations

      6 Popular Exterior Paint Colors and Combinations - Featured Image

      The right exterior paint color can bring out your home’s best features and make an otherwise average house stand out as one that’s beautiful and unique. It’s rewarding to see how a little paint can completely transform a property, and it’s equally fun to pick out the paint colors!

      Adding a fresh coat of exterior paint can dramatically make a difference in the look and feel of a home. Deciding on the right colors for your home can enhance the exterior design for your house.

      For inspiration, here are our picks for the best exterior paint colors and combinations to try.

      6 popular exterior paint color combinations

      #1: Neutrals. There’s a reason neutrals are a classic: they’re harmonious, understated colors that feel grounded and secure. Working with a muted palette of neutrals, you can play with the contrast of gray and ivory or create a more subdued look with taupe and cream. Neutral exterior paint colors include whites, creams, tans, and grays in a variety of shades. Don’t be afraid to accent neutrals with bolder choices like deep reds and greens. You can create an interesting look just by setting off the trim or painting the front door.

      #2: Blues and grays. Capture the colors of the coastline with shades of blue and gray. These colors convey a sense of serenity and warmth, and deeper shades make a relaxed but sophisticated statement. To make these exterior paint colors really pop, try accenting the trim with a warm beige or cream, or painting the door a bold red, orange, or plum. Light grays can also look gorgeous when set off by black and white details.

      #3: Pastels. Pastels like peaches, purples, yellows, blues and mint greens look especially charming on Victorian homes, but can look nice on a variety of styles from farmhouse to craftsman. Use pastel combinations to convey a sense of warmth, joy, and ease.

      #4: Whites. A fresh coat of pristine white paint feels like a new beginning. Use white as a neutral that harmonizes with warm earthy tones or cool greys, or make it the canvas for bold pops of color. White looks stunning when it’s paired with deep tones like crimson, dark blue, or evergreen.

      #5: Greens. A softer green, like sage, can feel elegant and natural, and pairs nicely with white or gray details. It also picks up on the greens in the landscapes surrounding it, creating a very grounded, down-to-earth feeling.

      #6: Yellows. Yellow exterior paint colors convey cheerfulness and zest. Use a lighter shade of yellow for a relaxed nod to that signature warmth, or try an egg-yolk shade for a more energizing look. Yellow is nicely balanced by white, gray, or dark blue.

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