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      Home Restoration & Claims for Storm Damage: How HOVER Transforms the Process for Contractors

      Home Restoration & Claims for Storm Damage: How HOVER Transforms the Process for Contractors - Featured Image

      When natural disasters strike, homes are often left in disrepair. Unfortunately, restoration and insurance claims can be daunting and challenging for both the homeowner and contractor. Thankfully the advancement of technology has made this process smoother and less painful. HOVER is leading the charge and is changing the way contractors approach home restoration and claims for storm damage.

      The Challenges of Home Restoration & Storm Damage Claims

      The traditional approach to home restoration and storm damage claims is riddled with inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and communication gaps, and contractors face many challenges along the way.

      1. Time-consuming
      Home restoration and storm damage claims involve numerous steps, from property assessment and documentation to communication with insurance companies—all before any actual restoration work even begins. Each of these processes and the back-and-forth between the contractor and the insurance company requires a large time investment.

      2. Inaccurate measurements
      It’s sometimes challenging to get accurate measurements on a damaged property because of the dangerous conditions. Inaccurate measurements can lead to incorrect estimates, a deficit or surplus of supplies, financial disputes, and further delays.

      3. Disagreements with insurance adjusters
      Oftentimes contractors and insurance adjusters have varying assessments of the extent of damage and the required repairs. Communication is key in this situation, and contractors can find it difficult to concisely express their needs in the restoration process.

      All of these challenges slow down the restoration process, which is extremely disheartening for homeowners who just want to get back to normal and see their home whole again

      How HOVER Can Help

      HOVER is changing the game for restoration contractors. The software provides an all-in-one solution to address the challenges of home restoration.

      Accurate Measurements

      HOVER makes it easy to create detailed measurements of a property. Using smartphone photos, the software pulls measurements so contractors can access accurate dimensions and data no matter where they are. Plus, it’s much faster and safer than taking manual measurements.

      Enhanced Visualizations & Data-Driven Decisions

      Leveraging the photos, HOVER’s software generates an interactive 3D model of the home. Contractors can show their restoration plans to the homeowners, bolstering communication and improving customer relations. Leading with data, contractors are then able to create accurate project plans and resource allocation.

      Efficient Claims Processing

      Restoration contractors can provide insurance adjusters with accurate data upfront thanks to HOVER’s comprehensive measurements and visualizations. Streamlining the claims process helps to reduce disputes and delays allowing for a smoother process and a happier homeowner.

      Time & Cost Savings

      The efficiency gained through accurate measurements and visualizations translate to time and cost savings for both contractors and homeowners. Projects can move forward faster, and homeowners can return to their normal lives sooner.

      HOVER in Action

      Benson Property was started by Anne Benson and her husband to help homeowners navigate storm damage. They provide an exceptional experience for every kind of storm from blizzards to high-velocity winds. Benson Properties attributes its growth to using HOVER on jobs, allowing it to offer superior claims process experiences to its homeowners and finish home projects faster.

      Before HOVER, Benson Property would pay a technician to take additional measurements to confirm the scope of work, often resulting in additional site visits, which were time-consuming and costly.

      “It would take a day before we would have all the measurements, we needed to create an estimate. Thanks to HOVER, we can create a quote within 10 minutes. On top of that, we save about 15 minutes for every material list we need to build because HOVER’s measurements are more detailed and easier to use… When you work on more than 1,000 properties per year, the saved time quickly adds up.”

      Benson Properties also leveraged HOVER to help homeowners visualize the project’s outcome. “Since we started showing homeowners the 3D model of what their house will look like with different products and colors, they confidently make a decision on the spot. This allows us to start repairing the house at least one week earlier [so] we can move on to the next property more quickly and help restore more homes after a big storm.”

      Use HOVER During the Restoration & Claims Process

      With HOVER, restoration contractors now have access to accurate measurements, detailed visualizations, and streamlined claims processing, for a more efficient and satisfying restoration experience. Using HOVER is a straightforward process, see how we can help you during the storm season.


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