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      Hover's New Takeoff Solution Improves Efficiency for Contractors

      Hover's New Takeoff Solution Improves Efficiency for Contractors - Featured Image

      Hover, the technology company that transforms smartphone photos and blueprint designs of a property into a scaled 3D model, today announces new automated takeoff and collaboration capabilities into the app – Material Lists, Checklists, and Job Invites – to be featured at the International Roofing Expo.

      With these new capabilities, contractors can scope and sell any project within one app, saving time and money by eliminating manual steps and complex tasks.

      On every Hover job, contractors now get much more than measurements. They can:

      • Generate order-ready material lists in just two clicks, at no extra cost, with Hover Material Lists
      • Document every detail, from site visits to hand-offs to inspections with Hover Checklists
      • Collaborate with the homeowner and other pros, like suppliers, with Hover Job Invites

      According to a recent customer ROI study of nearly 370 respondents, 86 percent say that Hover's solution is as accurate or more accurate than hand measuring. Combined with these to-the-inch measurements, Hover is making the highly technical process of takeoffs a simple and automated task that any employee can do, whether they are in the field or the office.

      "Finding skilled labor and managing material costs due to supply chain challenges are top of mind for contractors, creating bottlenecks and impacting project productivity," said A.J. Altman, Founder and CEO of Hover. "We are not simply digitizing construction tasks; with our deep investments in structured 3D data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we are automating time-consuming workflows, empowering a new generation of contractors to complete tasks that previously required hours of time, specialized knowledge, and years of experience. We started this journey with measurements and design, and now with takeoffs and enhanced collaboration features, we are laser-focused on being the one app to scope and sell every project."

      Hover Materials Lists

      With Hover Material Lists, contractors and suppliers can now generate ready-to-order material lists directly from Hover's measurements in just two clicks - at no additional cost. Pros have access to nearly a hundred customizable material templates, built by industry experts and from the most trusted brands, to generate complete material lists – without number crunching or data entry. With Hover's visual 3D material selection features, even the most complex takeoffs can be tackled by any team member - from sales to production - reducing takeoff time from hours to a few minutes. In fact, in beta testing for Hover Material Lists, contractors saved an average of 40 minutes per takeoff compared to other methods used, and 75 percent of customers said it has reduced material overages or shortages on their projects.

      "Time is our most valuable resource, especially now that we're getting more jobs than ever," said Luis Madrigal, Purchasing Manager of Prairie Exteriors. "Hover has reduced our takeoff time from over two hours to just a few minutes, unlocking our ability to confidently take on more work."

      Hover Checklists

      Hover Checklists, a new free product for pros, allows construction professionals to easily and consistently capture project notes and photos at any point during the job. Integrating directly into Hover's measurements data, Checklists ensures no important information is overlooked, and reliable data is available for any project team member who needs it - not scattered across various devices. Contractors can leverage detailed templates covering inspections, liability, punchlists, team hand-offs, and more; or create their own custom template. With Checklists, contractors save time, improve field-to-office communication, and reduce repetitive work and unnecessary trips to the job site.

      Hover Job Invite

      Currently in beta, the new Job Invite feature will streamline collaboration among fellow professionals and homeowners – creating a simple and transparent workflow. Pros will be able to share job project details with anyone involved in the project via a simple email or text invite. Additionally, project team members will be able to access, interact with, and collaborate on project details, designs, and material estimates, all within the Hover app, eliminating miscommunication and streamlining workflows.

      Hover's new Material Lists and Checklists solutions are now available for contractors to use within the Hover app. To learn more about Hover, schedule a demo or simply download the app to get started.

      About Hover

      Hover brings a transformative digital experience to the built world. With a mobile app that measures, designs, and estimates home project costs all in one place, Hover drives workflow efficiencies for contractors and enables a faster, simpler, and more transparent experience for homeowners. Providing stunningly easy-to-use 3D visualizations, detailed measurements, and precise project estimates, Hover offers contractors automated and customizable solutions for any trade, job type, or team.

      Hover is trusted by over 300,000 contractors and home improvement professionals on millions of projects per year. 

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