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      Case Study: How HOVER’s Estimates Improved DaBella’s Bottom Line

      Case Study: How HOVER’s Estimates Improved DaBella’s Bottom Line - Featured Image

      Recently, we spoke with DaBella, one of our customers and a HOVER success story. We asked DaBella what changes they saw after implementing estimation, a feature in the newest Transform Plan, and heard that, for starters, they saw a $2M+ increase in profits. Let’s dive in.

      Who is DaBella?

      DaBella is a leader in the home improvement industry with over $100M in revenue. With a focus on roofing, siding, windows, and baths, DaBella does big numbers with a family-run attitude, making it an award-winning favorite with Angie’s List, BBB, and Qualified Remodeler. To see a full list of their awards and accreditations, check out their website.

      Implementing HOVER Technology

      DaBella employed HOVER’s customizable features such as estimation, available in the Transform Plan, to create accurate quotes and cut down on commission back charges, which led to increased profitability and close rates.

      Quantifiable Results

      Not only did DaBella see an increase in annual profit of $2M+, but close rates were up 4% after implementing HOVER’s technology. With HOVER’s estimation capabilities, sales representatives were able to quote jobs with more accuracy and fewer errors, reducing the need for commission adjustments by 15%.

      The success of this technology is due in part to a straightforward, uniform process. The technology is designed to create dependable margins, reduce human error, and achieve consistency across the team, allowing salespeople to focus on the human interaction of the sale rather than the calculations.

      The numbers:

      • $2M+ Annual increase in profit
      • +4% Close rates
      • -15% Commission back charges

      Would your team benefit from the features listed above? They’re all part of the Transform membership plan.

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