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      How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

      How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof? - Featured Image

      No matter how it happens, or how long it takes, most homeowners will eventually have to face one of the biggest maintenance expenses of owning a home: replacing the roof.

      Any sort of home renovation can seem like a daunting financial burden though. Fortunately, understanding the cost breakdown of replacing your roof can help alleviate some of this stress. Our team at HOVER has put together this guide on everything you need to know about roofing costs.


      The Average Cost to Replace a Roof

      While regular maintenance and care will extend the life of your home’s roof, at some point the shingles and flashing will wear out and need to be replaced. Roof replacement costs vary by geographic location, with places like Florida and the Pacific Northwest tending to cost more due to climate and weather conditions. While you can’t help where your home is located, you can get multiple estimates to get a sense of what your local average is.

      Currently, the price range can vary between $5,500 and $11,000—it could be more or less depending on your roof size and roofing material.

      Calculate The Square Footage of Your Roof!

      Regardless of where you live, there are two main factors that will affect the quote for your roof replacement: the square footage of your roof and the roofing materials you want.


      Factors that Affect the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

      When you receive a roofing replacement estimate, you can expect around 60% of the estimate to account for the roofing labor cost per square foot. While the other 40% accounts for the roofing materials needed for the job.

      One thing to be aware of when looking over your estimate is the term “roofing square.” This is a unit of measurement unique to roofing that makes it easier for roofers to calculate costs. One roofing square equals 100 square feet.

      While most roofers use this unit of measurement to estimate cost, there are some that still use a per-square-foot measurement. So make sure your roofer is clear on the unit they’re using in their pricing.

      To keep things simple, we’ll continue to use the standard square foot unit when discussing costs.

      Roofing Cost Per Square Foot

      One of the main factors in determining the price of your roofing replacement will be the size of your roof. The bigger your home is, the higher the cost will be.

      On average, a 1,000-square-foot roof will cost around $4,000 to $5,500 to replace. A 2,000-square-foot roof will cost around $8,700 to $12,000, and a 3,000-square-foot roof will average around $11,200 to $16,000. Keep in mind, that these averages aren’t set in stone and you could pay more or less depending on where you live.


      Like we mentioned earlier, labor will make up the biggest cost of your roof replacement. Read more about the roof installation process here.

      The average roofing labor cost is between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. If the roofer uses the roofing square unit in their estimates, then the cost will show as $150 to $500 per roofing square.

      Make sure you keep this in mind and ask for clarification on what unit your roofer is using in their estimate to avoid any confusion.

      The Number of Stories and Accessibility

      The height of your home will have an impact on the price of your roof replacement. A single-story home will be cheaper to roof than a two-story home. As there will be less harnessing required and less time roofers spend climbing up and down ladders. Homes with limited safe-access points for roofers, due to things like large plants around the foundation, will also cost more due to these accessibility impediments.

      Roof Pitch

      The slope of your home is based on your area’s weather and climate and architectural design. This also has an effect on the cost of replacing your roof. Flat roofs require extra structure to support.

      Steep roofs require extra safety considerations for roofers because they’re more challenging to navigate. If your house has a low-sloped roof you can expect to pay somewhere between $4.50 and $7.00 per square foot.

      If your roof has a conventional slope you could pay anywhere from $3.50 to $9.00 per square foot due to the wider range of materials available for this roof type.

      Roofs with a steep slope cost the most, averaging around $5 to $12 per square foot because of the necessary precautions roofers need to complete the job safely.

      Price of Materials

      The materials used to replace your roof will make up about 40% of your cost. This is where you can significantly affect the total cost of your roof replacement project. As the homeowner, you get to choose the type of materials you want and how much you’re willing to spend on those materials.

      Some popular roof materials are:

      • Asphalt Shingles
      • Wood Shakes
      • Metal Roofing
      • Tile Roofing

      See Which Material Looks Best on Your Home Using HOVER!

      While the material you choose will impact the cost of your roof replacement, it will also impact your roof’s life and the resale value of your home. You may be inclined to go with a cheaper material to save costs, but investing in a more expensive material could lead to higher bids when you choose to sell your home.

      Below you’ll find a handy chart that lists out the different types of roofing materials you can choose from along with their expected costs and lifespan.

      Roofing Material Costs and Lifespan

      Material Cost Lifespan
      Asphalt $2,500 15-30 years
      Wood $13,200 20-25 years
      Tile $20,000 45-50 years
      Metal $3,000-$25,000 50-75 years

      *costs based on 2,200 sq. ft. home

      This table should give you a baseline to understand what the estimated cost for materials will be.

      Take note that there are different types and qualities within each of the above categories. For example, if you want metal roofing, but want to keep costs low, you can choose galvanized steel.


      Repairing Vs. Replacing: The Difference in Costs

      Maybe the roof of your home is just damaged and you’d like to explore repairing the damaged section as opposed to replacing the entire thing. Before you embark down that road, it’s best to consult with a roofing expert to make sure a little patching is all your roof needs.

      Simple repairs like replacing shingles or repairing roof leaks can extend the life of your roof for another 10-15 years allowing you to push that total roof replacement cost down the road.

      Minor roof repairs will only cost you an average of $320 to $1,400 if you have a standard asphalt roof. If your repair requires premium materials you can expect to pay more. The hourly rate for labor is around $45 to $65 an hour.

      There are only so many times you can repair your roof before a total roof replacement becomes necessary. So, when those repairs start to pile up, it may be time to start putting money aside for your eventual roof replacement.


      How to Reduce Roof Replacement Costs

      Roof replacement is never a fun cost to bear. But there are ways to minimize the hit your bank account will take.

      Look for Offseason Discounts

      If you’re able to plan ahead for your roof replacement, aim to have it done during the roofers’ slow season. Early spring and early winter are prime times to have your roof replaced as this is outside of peak roofing season. You should be able to find some decent deals from roofers looking for business.

      Choose Your Roofing Material Wisely

      While there are definite pros to splurging on the roofing material, you won’t be able to enjoy them until years down the road. If your budget is tight right now, it would be best to stick with traditional asphalt shingles.

      While they may not add to the value of your home or last as long as tile or metal roofing, they’ll save you a decent chunk of change.

      Insurance Claim

      Depending on your homeowners insurance policy and the reason for the re-do, your roof replacement may be eligible to be covered by insurance.

      Talk to an experienced roofer first to have them determine the extent and cause of the damage. And be sure to get their opinion on whether they think the replacement could be covered by insurance or not. Then speak with your agent to initiate the claim.

      With a renovation as big and expensive as a roof replacement, you want to take as much guesswork out of the process as possible. HOVER creates accurately-measured, customizable 3D models of homes from smartphone photos so homeowners can visualize their projects before they start.

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