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      Introducing: HOVER's Transform Plan

      Introducing: HOVER's Transform Plan - Featured Image

      Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching Transform, a suite of new features for contractors, to support their workflow from end to end. Supporting both Sales and Production, these new features like estimation, proposals & contracts, and material ordering, will streamline the pre and post-sale process with precise, comprehensive project data.

      Transform features are custom configured for each organization. Thoughtfully designed to span across trades from roofing to siding, to skylights, and more, these features are extremely easy to use and implement.

      Accurate estimates, every time.

      Everything we do at HOVER, we do with our customers in mind, who have busy lives and who rely on us for accuracy. And consistent estimates that reflect each contractors’ unique process is no exception.

      Sales reps no longer miss components and complexities of a house. We have the confidence we’re not going to take a hit when it comes to the cost of goods sold.

      Donnie McMillan Jr.

      CEO, Dabella

      A centerpiece of the Transform plan (and something our customers love) is automating accurate estimates, every time. One of these customers, Donnie McMillan Jr. , CEO of Dabella, reports that HOVER estimates enabled accurate pricing and consistent margins across Sales representatives at all experience levels. With a tap of a button, they can generate a branded proposal and get a signature on-site. The whole quoting and signing process can now be done in minutes on a mobile device and the precision of the output creates ripple effects for the business; from increasing profitability to preparing his production team for a smooth transition into the post-sale process. According to Mr. McMillan, the implementation of these features also improved sales performance by increasing close rates by as much as 4 percentage points.

      HOVER’s newest features connect the workflow from sales through production:

      Smarter calculations for simplified workflows.

      “Our customers asked for estimates so we went one step further to help streamline what was an arduous process to provide a quote and power production,” says Javier Cambón Sanjurjo, the Senior Director of Product Management at HOVER who spearheaded developing the Transform plan features. “First, we provided the most precise, on-demand quotes on the market and then we pulled that project data through everything that happens next, from proposals to material ordering.”

      The secret sauce is how smart the calculations are; they are custom configured based on a company’s unique installation process and their pricing for materials and labor. A short questionnaire about what’s included in the project, paired with HOVER’s extensive measurements, means every output is exceptionally dependable.

      A production portal houses all the project data for sold jobs, centralizing information for the back office team, and making material ordering and work orders easier than ever. The result is that production managers get back an impressive amount of time on each job. “It used to take me 20 to 35 minutes to build out a material order,” says Mr. McMillan, “Now it takes me less than two seconds. We just need to do a quick verification and send it off to the distributor.”

      Companies like Dabella are relying on HOVER to generate work orders, material lists, and even place orders directly with suppliers from within the console, tying together their workflow from start to finish.

      Would your team benefit from the features listed above? They’re all part of the Transform membership plan.

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