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      Keep your home improvement business moving forward: Lessons from your peers

      Keep your home improvement business moving forward: Lessons from your peers - Featured Image

      A summary of our Fireside Chat Webinar from April 22, 2020 with executives from Endeavor Exteriors and Homefix Custom Remodeling. They discussed how they are keeping their businesses moving forward during these challenging times, sharing their perspectives, wisdom, and inspiration to help guide the industry’s path forward.

      Watch the full webinar below or access the recording here.

      As the home improvement industry and our entire world is learning to deal with COVID-19 and social distancing regulations, we looked to industry trailblazers for solutions to keep your business moving forward. Both Endeavor Exteriors, a Colorado-based exterior restoration contractor, and HomeFix Custom Remodeling, a Washington, D.C. based contractor, have pivoted to remote engagement and selling models to maintain business and continue serving their clients.

      Endeavor first adopted a digital strategy and sales process approximately 3 years ago. While this gave them a headstart to deal with the current situation, they have now moved to a complete virtual model. Their Director of Digital Strategy, Jonathan Baurer, described the “need to balance the 3 legs of the stool – people, process, and technology” as they worked to get their team comfortable with using video conferencing technology and HOVER to conduct remote selling sessions.

      HomeFix had just started moving to virtual appointments about a year ago, but have now fully ramped this up to address social distancing. Keith Sinnott, their SVP & CMO, says that “folks are appreciative that HomeFix is being flexible and empathetic to the current situation.” Keith continued by noting that “lead flow is down, but close rates are actually up using virtual appointments.”

      The fireside chat surfaced some good tips and best practices that Endeavor and Homefix are using to remotely build connections with their leads and turn them into customers. Jonathan from Endeavor shared that it’s important to “be a person. Be genuine. Ask questions about them and how they are doing, and respond in a personable way. Keep your best practices, but adapt to the social distancing and safety protocols.” Keith from Homefix noted that “open and honest communication with employees was essential. Yes, we had a plan, but needed to adapt.” He further stated that “you can’t pre-judge leads.” Jonathan added that “you can’t profile who will be receptive to virtual appointments – you just need to get in front of people, and pivot as needed.”

      The webinar closed with each trailblazer sharing their key takeaways for the audience:

      Jonathan from Endeavor:

      • Think about the tech that you already have at your fingertips – most of us are using Zoom on a daily basis now. Social distancing is just making the use of tech a necessity.
      • The key is adapting and using the technology to engage with clients in a way that they want and are comfortable with.

      Keith from Homefix:

      • If you already have something that works, don’t abandon it. Add the use of technology and virtual selling on top of it.
      • Make a commitment to do it and put in the effort. It’s not that hard, just do it.

      If you would like to learn more about Hover and how to implement a remote engagement selling framework, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a call.

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