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Navigating Storm Season with HOVER

A summary from our webinar, Navigating Storm Season with HOVER, originally presented on June 30, 2020. Industry leaders Jason Martin from Island Roofing and Cory Williams from Beaver Home Services shared stories and tips from their experience using HOVER to engage smarter with carriers and handle more claims during storm season.

Watch the full webinar below or access the recording here.


Both speakers have extensive experience working with contracting companies focused on insurance-paid jobs, and they shared their insights.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Doing more with less to maintain profits margins when a storm hits
  • Engaging smarter with carriers throughout the claims process
  • Building credibility with homeowners

Cory and Jason spoke at length about how they use exportable HOVER files like the .esx file readable by Xactimate and the .xml file readable by Acculynx to eliminate manual entry and speed up the process of creating estimates. Simplifying this step means more time for their expert estimators to focus on work others cannot do so the business can run at optimal efficiency.

“We’re getting estimates pumped out at record speed. It used to be 3-4 days and now we’re getting them in 24 hours on a regular basis. HOVER has certainly streamlined our process and made everything quicker.” – Cory Williams

Island Roofing mandates the use of HOVER on every job because it saves them money in the long run. Jason walked us through his rationale, starting with how much he saves by eliminating unnecessary waste. He also shared the math on what his team saves by minimizing the need for repeat site visits, stating that by taking photos of the damage and ordering the robust measurement report, the estimators and production specialists have everything they need accessible in one place, every time.

“The most costly thing you have to do is multiple site visits. We dropped $100K on additional site visits so the value of HOVER in alleviating that cost is unsurpassed.” – Jason Martin

Both Jason and Cory use HOVER measurements to validate the scope of work in their discussions with adjusters; it enables them to back up the real costs that their companies need to incur to effectively service the damage. Cory shared his HOVER report with the adjuster to build a friendly rapport and align on a single source of truth for measurements at the onset. This is especially effective as more carriers begin to use HOVER as well. Jason spoke in detail about the importance of the gutter & downspout measurements, elevation detail, and length and depth of overhangs in being able to quickly assess the actual cost of a project, which is virtually impossible to get from the other vendors he’s worked with.

“There’s nothing more powerful with a carrier than to know that I’m right because of the accuracy of HOVER’s technology. It allows for a much more meaningful conversation.” – Jason Martin

Each speaker closed with their recommendations for those considering HOVER:

“If you’re doing any serious amount of construction, you need efficiency but also the decisiveness to go right in. Technology is going to be required. If that’s not where you’re at right now you have to think seriously about moving in that direction.” –Jason Martin

“Just jump in and start using [HOVER] in your process. If we had done it sooner, we would have saved ourselves a lot of time and money.” – Cory Williams

If you would like to learn more about HOVER and how to incorporate comprehensive measurements into your process, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a call.

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