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      Selling More Jobs with HOVER

      Selling More Jobs with HOVER - Featured Image

      HOVER is designed to help your sales team engage homeowners and get more jobs. Whether you’re getting comprehensive measurements, building quotes faster, or developing trust and excitement with the homeowner when creating designs, HOVER helps you close the sale. Thousands of the most competitive roofing, siding, and windows reps use HOVER today. One feature available with every HOVER report is the 3D model, which is used to help homeowners visualize their project and get excited about the possibilities.

      A family-owned exterior home improvement company wanted to see how HOVER could help them increase their win rates. This company has been in business for over two decades with operations across Wisconsin and Florida and brings in over $20M annually.

      HOVER Solution

      The first step was a risk-free pilot using the HOVER 3D model at sales appointments. This company’s sales reps used the 3D model to show homeowners what new colors and materials would look like on their home. Homeowners were now included in design decisions, from choosing a simple shingle color to a more robust siding makeover. This also helped homeowners understand their estimates--being able to visually see the design and feel that the rep understood their vision was a key “wow factor”. Using the HOVER 3D model was so successful in driving sales, this company now encourages their sales reps to use the 3D model at every appointment.


      Quantifiable Results

      HOVER technology gave their reps a competitive edge they could immediately see in business results. After the pilot, win rates were an impressive 2.6x higher when a HOVER 3D model was opened before or during appointments. Never before have reps had access to such accurate and sophisticated technology, which made a huge difference in closing sales. It was an easy decision to roll the optimized sales process out to the broader team.


      The comprehensiveness and ease of referencing measurements meant that the reps approached meetings with more knowledge and confidence. HOVER loves working with contractors and finding ways to help build collaboration between contractors and homeowners. From lead engagement, to precise estimates, to building contracts in a single click, and signing contracts onsite, HOVER has you covered with sales solutions.

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