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Social distancing doesn't need to stop your business

Almost overnight, social distancing has become the new normal. Despite this, homeowners will need roofs repaired, siding and windows replaced, and homeowner claims resolved. We are in a grand experiment as a nation. We need to rapidly adapt to a world where remote engagement is not only a preference but a requirement.

With HOVER, you can adapt your business to adhere to social distancing requirements. Keep your employees safe and alleviate homeowner anxiety with either a fully remote or a hybrid no-touch, onsite process. We call this a Remote Engagement System.

Remote Engagement System

Want a completely virtual experience? The HOVER app makes it easy for the homeowner to capture their property with our HOVER Connect feature.

Need a site visit? You can capture the property, including claimed damages, onsite then engage with the homeowner via email or video conference. (We love Zoom & HelloSign!)

remote engagement workflows

How are customers using remote engagement?

We’ve spoken to our customers, and some like Endeavor Exteriors have embraced HOVER into their workflows and made a fully no-touch remote or hybrid no-touch a key differentiator in a highly competitive storm market.

Endeavor Exteriors customized digital experience

Others like Cochran Exteriors have adapted quickly, introducing a 100% virtual estimation process, which allows homeowners to work with a consultant, review design options on a 3D model of their home, and receive a detailed quote all from the safety and comfort of their home.

Want to learn more? See our Remote Engagement page for more details. Schedule a time or give us a call directly at +1 844-903-0361 to see how you can use HOVER to adapt your workflow.

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