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      Webinar Recap: HOVER x SRS Distribution

      Webinar Recap: HOVER x SRS Distribution - Featured Image

      In partnership with SRS Distribution, we fired up Zoom and discussed how HOVER technology is helping contractors do their jobs better. Using HOVER technology and SRS Distribution’s platform called Roof Hub, contractors have access to powerful tools to help them measure, quote, and complete jobs more efficiently.

      Nathan Stump, Director of Marketing at HOVER moderated, while John DeRosa from SRS Distribution and Garrett Flowers from HOVER shared their knowledge of how HOVER and Roof Hub are working together.

      Watch the full webinar below or click here to see a full recording of the webinar, which is about an hour. If you just want the highlights, here’s a recap from the session.

      I consistently describe HOVER technology as a game-changer because it helps our contractors close the ‘trust gap’.

      John DeRosa

      SRS Distribution

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      Customers consistently rate contractors (and especially roofers) as the ‘least trustworthy’ partners, according to the BBB. This is likely because homeowners are unable to see the final product. Purchasing a new roof isn’t like buying a car that you can see for yourself before you purchase. HOVER is helping contractors close the ‘trust gap’ that John mentioned by showing customers what they’re getting before they even break ground.


      HOVER technology creates a complete 3D model of either an entire property or just a roof. These models include accurate measurements, which help contractors make precise estimates for materials and labor. Furthermore, these 3D models are a powerful visualization tool, helping contractors show customers where the product will go and what the final job might look like. This builds transparency and trust.


      A recent study from Haag Engineering has shown that HOVER measurements are more accurate than either aerial or satellite measurements. HOVER’s ground-based measurements are an average of 5% more accurate than either of the aforementioned options. Why? First off, we are we closer to the property (20-30 ft away rather than from way up in the air). We are also measuring the property in real-time, meaning we are accounting for any recent additions or changes.


      HOVER technology has created a streamlined process, even as the pandemic changes the flow of daily life. Using HOVER Connect, contractors have the ability to measure, quote, and share a job on an app-based platform, keeping their teams and their customers safe during these socially distanced times.

      There is a lot more information in the full webinar recording, so we encourage you to watch it. Pro tip: from minute 7 to about minute 37, you’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of HOVER technology. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a call with a HOVER consultant to discuss how our technology works and how it can transform your business.

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