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      What’s New in Hover: Q1 2024 Edition

      What’s New in Hover: Q1 2024 Edition - Featured Image

      There’s a reason over 250K construction pros rely on Hover to scope and sell. We believe it's because Hover is the one app contractors need to scope and sell. But there’s always room for improvement – and we rely on our customer’s feedback to make it better. 

      This quarter, we’re proud to introduce new, highly requested features designed to help you win more business, take back time, and streamline your workflow. More than ever, Hover is the one app pros can trust to document anything, measure everything, complete takeoffs in two clicks, and design and sell. Added bonus? Every takeoff and checklist feature is still free – helping you do more, for less.


      What's new in Takeoffs

      Generate order-ready material lists in two clicks from 110+ customizable templates, at no extra cost. 

      30+ New Templates from the brands you sell

      More than 30 new templates were added, including from top roofing brands that you sell, so you can get takeoffs done in two clicks.



      Multiple material lists for the same project

      Generate multiple material lists for the same project to compare all your design options. add as many as you need.

      Multiple material list@2x


      Scope summary for your reviews

      Easily review your calculation inputs and material selection in 3D. Gain control and trust without having to spend hours double-checking all line items.

      Scope summary@2x


      And much more!

      • Material lists for porches are now automated. Every hard soffit calculation is now automatically pulled directly from job measurementts, saving you from manual entry.
      • Material List integration via Zapier and Open API is live. You can now integrate your material lists with many of your favorite tools like Acculynx, JobNimbus, and many more.
      • Mobile Material List PDF sharing. Download and share any material list directly from the Hover app.

      Hover customers are saving on average 40-minutes per project when building material lists. And with improved accuracy and completeness, have on average 2 fewer material orders per job!

      Learn more about Takeoffs


      What's new in Checklists

      It's now simpler and easier to document anything and never miss a detail. Add photos, annotations and notes for inspections, production hand-offs, and more.

      Make photo annotations

      Circle, draw, and annotate any photo to add context to all your notes, from damage to material types. When done, you can share your photo documentation in your own branded PDF report.



      Quick note template

      Our best template yet, with one simple note and unlimited photos and annotations. It's a ready tool to capture quick notes afrom your job sites and share instantly in your own branded PDF report.

      Still from recent newsletter@2x

      Learn more about Checklists


      What's new in Measurements

      Get every measurement you need, when you need it, from the roof ondown – without manually measuring. Works with new construction and remodels, roofing, siding, soffit, trim, gutters, windows, doors and more.

      Takeoffs for large Jobs from blueprints 

      Hover now accepts blueprints on buildings up to 15 stories and with roofs as large as 50,000 square feet.Large jobs from blueprints@2x

      On Demand Expedited 

      Expedite any job order directly from the app and get your reports in under an hour. Great when you’re in a rush - whether providing an immediate quote during a client visit or filling a third-party request.

      On demand expedited@2x

      Address Navigation 

      Tap on the job address to copy or get directions! Get to your jobs from inside the Hover app without having to check your notes or calendar.

      Copy address@2x

      Learn more about Measurements


      What’s new in Design

      Design and sell with our latest free tool.

      AI Designer

      Perfect for giving homeowners the inspiration and confidence they need for their project.


      Try AI Designer


      What’s new in Integrations

      We’ve made it easier to integrate anything you do on Hover with other platforms. No need to input data manually. 

      7 logos@2x

      Learn more about Integrations


      These updates are only possible thanks to your valuable feedback. Did we miss an update you’d like to see?

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