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      Win Siding Jobs 2.6x Faster With HOVER

      Win Siding Jobs 2.6x Faster With HOVER - Featured Image

      When homeowners are ready to replace their vinyl siding or are looking for a total siding replacement they turn to contractors they can trust and who have accurate bids. So you need a way to streamline your processes and impress your clients. Here, we’ll show you how HOVER is a game-changing tool that can revolutionize the way you do business and win more siding renovation projects. 

      Why HOVER?

      The most persuasive thing you can give potential customers is an accurate picture of what the project will look like. They’re more likely to get behind a project they can actually see. As a contractor, it’s your job to help them visualize what their home could look like.

      Using HOVER is one of the best ways to showcase your future handy work. With just a few pictures from a smartphone, you can build a 3D model of any home. You can show owners exactly what their project could look like with different design options.

      With this visual in front of them, they’ll be more likely to choose you as their contractor. Business win rates were an impressive 2.6 times higher when roofers showed a HOVER 3D model during appointments. It’s exciting for people to see their own home transformed before their eyes, and HOVER gives them a fun and easy way to start playing with the possibilities. 


      How HOVER Helps You

      The HOVER app is more than 3D renderings. Its suite of tools helps contractors do their work faster and more efficiently with partnerships, effortless estimates, and boosted credibility.

      Partnerships that Work for You

      One of the standout features of HOVER is its strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers in the siding industry. These partnerships provide contractors with a comprehensive library of materials, textures, and colors from trusted brands. When you use HOVER, you can access these resources instantly, and show what the final product will look like, ensuring your siding jobs are both high-quality and aesthetically pleasing. For example, with our partnership with Hardie®, you can show the homeowner the exact brand that will go on their home. Leaving nothing to the imagination further building their trust.

      Enhanced Client Communication

      HOVER’s 3D models allow you to show clients exactly how their homes will look after the siding job is complete. This can drastically improve client communication. They can visualize the final outcome, ensuring they’re on the same page as you. This reduces misunderstandings and streamlines decision-making, ultimately helping you win jobs faster.

      Easy, Accurate Measurements & Estimates

      With just a few smartphone photos, HOVER’s software creates accurate measurements of a property. Once the photos are uploaded, you’ll have all the measurements calculated within 24 hours. This data is then used to generate detailed estimates, saving you days of work, boosting efficiency, and increasing your total revenue potential. 

      Seamless Integration with Other Tools

      HOVER seamlessly integrates with popular construction and project management software, such as Procore and BuilderTREND. This means you can continue to use your favorite tools while benefiting from the app’s capabilities.

      Enhanced Credibility & Professionalism 

      Potential customers are more likely to choose contractors who embrace technology and offer modern solutions. By showcasing your use of HOVER, you differentiate yourself from competitors, increasing your chances of winning siding projects.


      Use HOVER to Land More Siding Jobs 2.6x Faster

      Win more jobs, impress clients, and streamline your processes, with HOVER as your ultimate partner. Our strategic partnerships, 3D visualizations, effortless measurements and estimates, and seamless integration, mean you can win siding jobs 2.6 times faster. 

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