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      5 Ways to Build Strong Contractor/Client Relationships

      5 Ways to Build Strong Contractor/Client Relationships - Featured Image

      Build a strong relationship with your client and not only will they be happy to work with you again in the future, they’ll even rave about you to others.

      There are plenty of benefits to building great relationships with clients; communicating well, providing accurate information, and ensuring your presence is a positive one will all pay off in the long run.

      1. Communicate Regularly

      Your communication during the project should be as positive and as frequent as it was when you were courting the customer for their business. Choose your preferred method of contact and make sure your client has an easy way to get in touch.

      Regular communication throughout the project can help build trust and ensure your customer feels cared for and that their home is in good hands.

      2. Provide Details

      You know every step required for the job at hand, and understand what a residential construction zone looks and sounds like, but your customer may not.

      A simple welcome packet or email with a “thank you,” a quick outline of what to expect from the project and a note from you to get in touch any time they have a question, provides insight and makes your customer feel like they are in the loop.

      Some homeowners do not like relinquishing control of parts of their home, so by providing this information upfront, you ease any anxiety they are having about the unknown.

      3. Keep Things Positive

      You’re always on stage when you’re in the client’s home – and your subs and workers are too. Make sure your team looks presentable, refrains from using NSFW (not safe for work) language and maintains a positive, professional attitude.

      Even if you’re stressed out or angry that something was done incorrectly, maintaining a professional and positive atmosphere will prevent those feelings from spilling over to the client and possibly souring them on the job at hand.

      4. Listen and Teach

      Listening to the homeowner can help you truly understand their needs. When they feel heard, they’re more likely to respond positively to you. This is especially true in roofing sales - you need to listen to really understand their problems.

      Not all your clients will be expert contractors themselves; that’s why they hired you. Taking the time to explain “why” a load-bearing wall needs to be in a specific place can help position you as an expert and allow you to develop a great relationship with your client, too.

      5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

      Use technology to ensure you are providing accurate estimates and delivering what your client expects. Eyeballing or using a manual tape measure can give you a ballpark idea, but using a platform like HOVER ensures your estimates and proposals are accurate every time.

      Backtracking, changing your approach or even coming in over budget can destroy the rapport you’ve worked so hard to build up. Technology like HOVER can prevent you from having to adjust on the go.

      Give your clients the experience they deserve every time. By communicating well and often, listening to their concerns and using technology to provide the best possible service, you can be sure you’re building relationships that last.

      Make the most of your time with a client; use HOVER to provide key details, visualize every change to the look of their home and deliver an accurate estimate for every project.

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