How To Establish Trust With The Homeowner And Win More Business

4/3/2017 Exterior Contractors

There is more to being an exterior contractor than just manual labor. Before you even get to the work of installing a new roof, replacing siding, or upgrading windows, you need to convince the homeowner that you are the best candidate for the job. How do you set yourself apart from the competition? One surefire way is to establish your credibility in order to gain their trust.

It is important to keep in mind that buying a home is a major investment for the average American. Often, it is the largest asset owned by an individual or family. Additionally, a home is more than just simply shelter. It is a safe and comfortable space where we live our lives and raise our families. It is likely that a homeowner is not only financially, but also emotionally, invested in the property. Homeowners are looking to hire people they can trust to conduct costly and intrusive work to their homes.

So, how do you as a contractor gain the full confidence of a homeowner in order to win that coveted project?

Be Sympathetic

Every quote you submit is an attempt to sell a homeowner on a project that will potentially transform their home. This is their personal space. The place where they retreat for comfort, peace, security, and serenity. While a job proposal may be business as usual to you, it often requires homeowners to make very emotional decisions. So be sympathetic and make sure you provide them with as much support as possible to comfortably choose you for the job. Be friendly and forthright in all of your interactions with the homeowner, even in emails and texts. Offer real timelines for project completion. Also, clearly explain what disruptions will be caused by the project. This effort will go a long way to help the homeowner feel at ease with you.

Transparency Goes A Long Way

Be transparent with the details of the project. Share with them where your information is coming from and how you calculated the estimate you are providing. Review key measurements you have taken. Show them the cost comparisons for different material types to help them understand the scope of the project. Don’t just crunch some numbers on the back of a napkin and hope that they will understand – they won’t.

Use Visual Assets

Did you know that the brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Or that people will retain 80% of what they see versus only 20% of what they read.

As a contractor, you can take advantage of these facts by helping a homeowner visualize what the end project will look like. For example, show them how different material or colors will enhance the look and feel of their home. To make this process easy you can use a technology like HOVER. HOVER creates an interactive 3D model of any home. HOVER also allow users to customize the 3D model by changing its roof, siding, windows, trims, and much more. It offers homeowners a more tangible representation of exterior home renovations.

Leverage Technology

Using a technology like HOVER can also help you establish instant credibility with a homeowner. Let’s consider this hypothetical situation:

Contractor A uses a tape measure to measure out your house. He writes a few numbers down on a piece of paper and roughly sketches out a few ideas. He then tells you your next roof will cost $8000.

Contractor B uses his smartphone to take pictures of your house. He then provides you with the exact measurements of your home exterior. Further, he uses an interactive 3D model of your home to demonstrate the different options for colors and materials to be used on the project. Finally, he explains that your next roof could cost $4000, $8000 or $10,000, depending on what options you choose.

It is a safe bet to guess that Contractor B will win the contract. Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Contractors who are at ease using modern third party technology will seem more professional and experienced to a potential client. Additionally, estimates will be more accurate, expectations will be more clear, and homeowners will be put more at ease. All of this builds trust and wins you more jobs.

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