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      The Best Construction Apps You Need for Your Contracting Business

      The Best Construction Apps You Need for Your Contracting Business - Featured Image

      Construction management is challenging—there are deadlines, schedules, budgets, and team communication that needs to be coordinated. Thankfully a lot of cloud-based construction management apps have been developed to help ease this process.

      But which one to pick? With so many choices out there it can be daunting to try and find the right one for your business. Here we’ll break down our top five apps for construction task management.

      1. HOVER

      HOVER makes it easy for general contractors to save time, win more jobs, and improve communication with homeowners. Measuring a home is time-consuming with plenty of room for error. Using HOVER’s technology, you can snap a few pictures of the home with your smartphone and the app will develop a 3D model. This interactive model will then give you every measurement you need to estimate a home exterior or roofing project.

      With more accurate estimates and this visual in front of them, homeowners are more likely to choose you as their contractor. Business win rates were an impressive 2.6x higher when roofers showed a HOVER 3D model during appointments. It’s exciting for people to see their own home transformed before their eyes, and HOVER gives them a fun and easy way to start playing with the possibilities.

      Another benefit of more accurate measurements is you can be sure that you’re not ordering a surplus of materials for any job. This not only saves money but also eliminates trips to the supplier to return materials, or the possibility of products getting thrown away.

      HOVER is also a great solution for digital construction document management. More than just remote measurements and automated estimates, the software offers direct ordering and production management to make jobs more cost-effective and efficient. Plus, it integrates with your favorite tools, so you can share data and track jobs across a variety of platforms.

      2. LetsBuild

      LetsBuild is designed to help you see your process clearer while making communication across the team easier. The app allows your team to collaborate efficiently, have access to clear processes, and receive information in real-time.

      You can import your project plan into the app and bring it to life in a real-time dynamic environment. It offers an interactive Gantt chart that allows you to see the current state of your project. You can check deliveries against deadlines, easily filter information, and show each team’s tasks for the coming week. Plus, the schedule gets updated with data straight from the job site.

      This app is great for communication and project tracking. Unfortunately, it is unable to produce measurements and estimates—those have to be uploaded.

      3. Raken

      If the biggest headache for your construction management is tracking timesheets and payroll, then Raken is a great option. You can bulk upload your crews, allocate hours to entire teams at once, easily add members right from the app, or edit hours for an individual who stayed late. Plus, you can export time reports for smooth payroll processing and time card management.

      In addition to time tracking, crews in the field can quickly record quantities of materials installed throughout the day and assign them cost codes from any mobile device. Photos, notes, or other attachments can be added to create a clear visual record of field productivity.

      With all of these insights, Raken automatically calculates how efficient you are in each cost code, as well as projected time-to-completion to boost your profitability.

      4. Zoho Projects

      Zoho’s construction app helps keep your team on track using its time management, task management, and enhanced communication tools. Similar to LetsBuild, it offers users a Gantt chart that everyone can work off of and see the project’s timeline, dependencies, and track process. In addition, Zoho lets you have a full overview of your team’s productivity.

      While Zoho is a great project management tool, it doesn’t have many of the construction-specific bells and whistles some of these other apps have.

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