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      Growing your home improvement business through digital marketing

      Growing your home improvement business through digital marketing - Featured Image

      A summary from the last webinar of our 3-part series, originally presented on June 3, 2020. Jim Ahlin from Roofer Marketers and Nathan Stump from HOVER discussed how leading contractors can grow and scale their businesses by leaning in on digital marketing. Topics covered include opportunities to generate leads online, the keys to digital marketing that can enable your roofing business to become a leader in your local market online.

      Watch the full webinar below or access the recording here.

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      As the home improvement industry and our country start to slowly re-open, Jim Ahlin, Co-Founder of Roofer Marketers, and Nathan Stump, Director of Partner Marketing at HOVER, presented how they are helping contractors grow and scale their business through digital marketing.

      Both individuals have extensive experience working with contracting companies throughout the U.S., and they shared their insights to help guide the industry.

      Topics covered in the webinar:

      • Digital Marketing and the remote engagement tech stack
      • Opportunities to generate leads online
      • The keys to digital marketing that moves the needle (website design, SEO, SEM, PPC, Google My Business, Social media advertising)
      • Enable your roofing business to become a leader in your local market online

      Nathan discussed how HOVER is able to support flexible “no-touch” workflows so contractors can engage homeowners according to their comfort level, whether it be no-touch onsite or completely remote. He explained how these workflows enable contractors to not only maintain their business but provide a competitive advantage and set organizations up for success well into the future.

      Nathan also covered the various digital assets that are available on HOVER’s Remote Engagement Landing Page for contractors to share on their website and in social media efforts. Resources are also available for GAF and Beacon.

      We then shifted gears and into the meat of the webinar: opportunities for contractors to generate online leads. Jim led an informative session covering Google search, the 5 ways to generate leads online, how to rank in Google Maps, the importance of website design and copy, optimizing Google My Business listings, and Google AdWords campaigns.

      Jim distinguished the different search types – informational (i.e. “what color roof should I get for my house”) vs. those with commercial intent  (i.e.“roofing companies near me”). In terms of capturing a lead, he suggested focusing on commercial intent since the customer is looking to talk to a contractor. He reviewed the different sections of Google search results (Google local service ads, paid ads, SEO) and how to build authority and optimize your website/content around the services you provide and your service area.

      He shared some interesting statistics:

      • 14% will interact with local service ads (paid per lead)
      • 11% will click on google ads (paid per click)

      In total, 25% of traffic is taken up by Google’s paid programs. Of the remainder, 35% goes to Google Maps, leaving only 40% of traffic for organic search results.

      Jim then went into best practices and how these techniques can be used to set up your website and content strategy to win online, get your SEO strategy right, and get ranked for the right keywords to get your phones ringing. For new roofing businesses that may have limited budgets he recommended starting with your website, Google My Business listings, and Google local service ads.

      In closing, Jim and Nathan provided three key takeaways.

      1. Lean in on digital marketing
      2. Leverage digital assets that are available
      3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

      See HOVER’s comprehensive marketing kit to help you promote your remote engagement capabilities on your website and social channels.

      If you would like to learn more about HOVER and how to implement a remote engagement selling framework, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a call.

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