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      Roof Blueprints 101: Tips for Measuring Roofs from Blueprints

      Roof Blueprints 101: Tips for Measuring Roofs from Blueprints - Featured Image

      Blueprints are fundamental in any construction project. They keep everyone on the same page and help the customer visualize the final project. However, the traditional method of manually measuring blueprints can be time-consuming and prone to errors. And with all of the common roof types, a roofing blueprint can get confusing.

      Thanks to modern technology, contractors can now streamline the process by utilizing advanced software like HOVER. By simply uploading a PDF of the blueprint, contractors can obtain precise measurements for roofing. Here, we will explore the benefits of using tech and offer essential tips when measuring roofs from blueprints.

      Streamline the Measurement Process with HOVER

      Stop scaling measurements by manually selecting and tracing the drawing using 2D software. HOVER’s new construction solution can translate your 2D black and white drawing into an accurate, scaled 3D model and calculate measurements for you—in 24 hours or less. Our powerful tool eliminates the need for contractors to spend valuable time with a measuring tape, reducing human errors and ensuring efficiency.

      The Benefits of Utilizing HOVER

      HOVER's Accuracy

      Our app produces a model from which measurements are taken, and with a 95% accuracy rate, it eliminates the need for manually re-measuring. The software accounts for various factors such as roof pitch, eave length, and overhangs, providing contractors with accurate data to plan their construction projects effectively. But how do we achieve this? It starts with our app’s humble beginnings.

      HOVER is based on a technology platform originally created for U.S. military special operations. Our founder, a former Marine Infantry Officer, was intimately aware of the weaknesses in map data for mission planning. In 2012, the military began delivering 3D maps created from aerial photographs so troops could get a better idea of what they were walking into.

      Now, that technology is being migrated into a solution that works on a standard smartphone. HOVER has been leveraging this tech to transform the home improvement process for contractors.

      HOVER Improves Profitability

      Homeowners are more likely to choose you as their contractor with more accurate estimates and a 3D model in front of them. Business win rates were an impressive 2.6x higher when roofers showed a HOVER 3D model during appointments. It’s exciting for people to see their own roof transformed before their eyes, and HOVER gives them a fun and easy way to start playing with the possibilities.

      Another benefit of more accurate measurements is you can be sure that you’re not ordering a surplus of materials for any job. This not only saves money but also eliminates trips to the supplier to return materials or the possibility of products getting thrown away.

      HOVER Means Efficiency

      The ability to measure roofs from blueprints using HOVER saves contractors significant time. With a quick upload of the blueprint, the software performs all the measurements instantly, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing project turnaround time. By automating the measurement process, contractors can allocate their time and resources more efficiently. With reliable measurements readily available, they can focus on other aspects of the project, like material procurement, scheduling, and client communication.

      Tips for Measuring Roofs from Blueprints

      To get the best results from the software we recommend starting with a clear and legible blueprint—high-resolution PDFs or scanned copies of the blueprint are ideal. You also want to check to see if the scale is correct. Any deviation from it can lead to incorrect measurements. Finally, pay close attention to the annotations and callouts that provide additional details about the roof structure. They impact the accuracy of the measurements and while HOVER's software is designed to account for such details, it’s important to triple check the annotations are clear and legible.

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