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How​ ​Carolina​ ​Exteriors​ ​Guarantees​ ​Customer​ ​Satisfaction​ ​On​ ​Every​ ​Job

We had the pleasure to connect with one of HOVER’s early adopters, Wesley Newton. A former business development manager at James Hardie, Wesley now co-owns Carolina Exteriors, an exterior remodeling and home improvement company in Raleigh, North-Carolina. When Wesley received the opportunity to test HOVER ahead of its launch in 2014, he did not hesitate to try out the platform.

Three years later, Carolina Exteriors Plus is using HOVER on most siding & roofing job s to streamline their sales process from start to finish. With HOVER, they can easily align on the project scope with the homeowner as well as with their production and installation teams, ensuring that every homeowner fully understand s the end result of their home improvement investment.


Gathering all exterior measurements in less than an hour

When Wesley learned about HOVER, he was immediately intrigued. “I couldn’t find another product in the construction market that provides accurate siding measurements. In fact, I still don’t know of any other technology out there that offers such detailed exterior measurements for the roof, siding and openings,” he explains. “Considering that there are only 24 hours in a day, we are constantly looking for ways to free up time to be more productive and efficient. HOVER offered an immediate way to save us time so adopting the platform was a no-brainer.”

Previously, Carolina Exteriors would hand measure the footage and opening on all siding projects. With HOVER, Carolina Exteriors Plus has eliminated the need to hand measure every detail of a property. Instead, they can now take a few photos to receive the measurements they need. “The time that we spent on an initial consultation has decreased from two hours to an hour on average,” says Wesley.

Once Carolina Exterior s receives their deliverables, they share the measurements PDF with most people of their team. By doing so, the company has been able to create an efficient process in which its salespeople, production teams and installation crews are more aligned. “ As everyone is on the same page, regardless of their role in our company, measurements are no longer lost in translation.”

Boosting credibility by eliminating ambiguity

Acknowledging that a siding or roof replacement is a substantial investment for a homeowner, Carolina Exteriors goes the extra mile to ensure that their clients are 100% pleased with the end result of their home improvement project. The sales team takes a consultative selling approach and meets the homeowner multiple times to make sure that they have a deep understanding of the desired end result and are aligned with the homeowner on the scope of work.

“By using HOVER’s 3D model during the proposal review, we can visualize the project for our clients, which makes it easy to agree on what is in or out of scope. Beyond that, it’s now much easier to set the right expectations in terms of timing and working process as we can call out any miscellaneous areas that need additional attention.”

Carolina Exteriors also uses the 3D model to show the homeowner what different colors and materials could look like on their house. They find it especially useful when a homeowner doubts whether premium materials are worth the extra investment. “When we interact with clients who have a hard time visualizing certain products on their home, we always pull up HOVER’s 3D model of their home. The homeowner’s skepticism then instantly turns into excitement. They also see us as a credible contractor and trust that our recommendations will positively impact the look and value of their house. This ability to visualize the outcome of our work before getting started separates us from a lot of our competitors.”

Exploring growth opportunities in the multi-family market

As an enthusiastic HOVER supporter since the launch of the company, Carolina Exteriors never hesitates to try out one of HOVER’s new capabilities. Recently they captured their first multi-family property with the HOVER app.

“The 3D model and measurements for a multi-family property are impressive. The level of detail is unbelievable. We primarily focus on the single family residential remodeling segment but if we ever decide to diversify our portfolio and penetrate the multi-family remodeling segment, we know that HOVER will be the perfect tool to help us succeed.”

About Carolina Exteriors Plus

Carolina Exteriors is a recognized exterior remodeling and home improvement firm in the Raleigh Triangle and surrounding areas. The company strives to ensure that every client has a great experience with their remodeling project by taking the time to fully understand their needs, and providing a detailed scope of work and finished product at an affordable price. The numerous industry awards that they have received, including Angie’s List Super Service Award (2011-2016) and 2016 James Hardie President’s Club Award, are a testament to their commitment to excellent customer service.

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