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Case Study: Greiman Construction Services

Case Study: Greiman Construction Services
How Greiman Construction Services doubled their revenue within one year.

We had the pleasure of talking with Dan May, Operations Manager at Greiman Construction Services, a roofing and siding contractor based in North Iowa. Dan, who has been at the company for almost two years, is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Greiman Construction Services. He’s seen first-hand how the company’s operations accelerated with HOVER. Since switching from an aerial imagery provider to HOVER in 2016, Greiman Construction Services has been able to drastically shorten its sales cycle, allowing them to run four additional leads per day. As a result, the company has more than doubled their revenue within the last year and is now opening up two new office locations.

Increase ROI Using HOVER


Operating a construction business in Iowa, known for its rolling plains and cornfields, inevitably brings along many hours of “windshield time” in the car driving to remote properties. On top of that, contractors that work in this sparsely populated area still spend many hours manually measuring a house. The main reason? Aerial imagery providers lack the data to deliver measurements for these isolated homes. Thanks to HOVER, Greiman Construction Services has been able to put a hold to these time sinks. They now save up to 45 minutes on measuring a house, more than one hour on creating a quote and material list, and no longer need to make one or two additional visits or calls to the homeowner. These time savings allow them to run twice as many leads per day.

This year a lot of jobs came in due to storms passing through the area. There’s no way that we could have handled this constant flow of incoming jobs without HOVER. The platform allows us to save time on traveling, measuring, selling and ordering materials. It’s evident that HOVER has been created by a team that has experience in the construction industry. The app is a dream come true.

Dan May

Operations Manager, Greiman Construction Services

Accurate measurements within hours for any property.

Thanks to HOVER, Greiman Construction Services no longer needs to pull a tape measure.

“We could not rely on our aerial imagery provider to receive exterior measurements for remote houses,” May said. “It’s incredible that HOVER can deliver all measurements we need within a few hours, no matter where the house is located. This saves us on average 45 minutes on measuring.”

Shortening the sales cycle by taking away doubt.

Helping the homeowner visualize the outcome of remodeling work based on color and material samplers is no walk in the park. Greiman Construction Services uses HOVER’s 3D models to show the homeowner what the end result of their work will look like. That way, they can easily ensure that the home will look exactly what the homeowner has envisioned. The sales team no longer needs to schedule one or two follow-up calls or visits with the homeowner and can immediately move on to the next lead.

“HOVER’s 3D model raises the game as it makes us look more professional than our competitors. Time and again the homeowner’s decision between us and our competitors boils down to the colors we offer. By using the 3D model, we can show the homeowner what their house will look like with our products and take away any hesitation around the project. We now close deals within as little as 15 minutes, so it’s easy to say that the 3D model is invaluable.”

Ordering the precise amount of materials for each project.

Greiman Construction Services use the HOVER measurements in their in-house built tool that handles the estimating and ordering of materials. Not only do they save more than one hour on creating a quote and material list, they can also trust that they order the exact amount of material needed for every project.

“HOVER is vastly superior to the aerial imagery service that we previously used. When we ordered materials based on their measurements, we often ended up ordering too little because the measurements did not factor in smaller roofing areas that are hidden underneath overhangs,” May said.  “Since we’ve started using HOVER, we’ve never been short on material and thus no longer need to make multiple trips to our supplier.”

About Greiman Construction Services

Exterior Contractor using HOVER

Greiman Construction Services (GCS) is a roofing and siding contractor based in North Iowa, specialized in residential and commercial roofing and exterior remodeling. A proud GAF Certified Roofing Contractor, Greiman Construction Services has been delivering reliable service and quality craftsmanship since 1968.

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