The New Normal: Remote Engagement for Contractors

HOVER 10/27/2020 Exterior Contractors

Back in March, we wrote about our No-Touch Engagement tools that could help contractors get through the then-recently updated rules on social distancing. Fast forward to October and we’re more or less adapted to this “new normal”.

Even though the world has changed, the need for home renovations and repairs has not. Contractors across the country have used HOVER technology to keep their staff and customers happy. Here’s how it works. 


Sign up for HOVER and have your customers do the same. We’ve made the registration process easy so that you can get to work right away. 


Next, you’ll need to capture photos of the home. There are two options from here. One is going on-site to take the photos yourself using the HOVER app. The second (for homeowners who prefer a 100% virtual experience) is to have your customers take the photos with HOVER Connect. Both experiences are zero contact, quick, and accurate. 


Using the photos you or your customers capture, HOVER will create a 3D model of the home. Not only will you be able to accurately quote the job, but you can show your customer design features virtually. 

The entire process is remote, keeping your employees safe and alleviating anxiety for homeowners who are concerned about social distancing. 

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HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model so you can estimate a project confidently and easily visualize what the final project will look like.

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