HOVER Apps for Insurance Adjusters

HOVER offers one of the best apps for insurance adjusters. Calculate accurate measurements in minutes as HOVER creates a scaled 3D rendering of a home based on a few mobile photos taken of the property. Avoid wasting time taking home measurements by hand. Also, with HOVER’s web platform, you can easily access accurate home measurements to provide insurance coverage or process claims.


Why do insurance adjusters love this app?

The HOVER home measurement app has so much to offer – ease of use, fast and accurate results, and multi-functionality. If you are a busy insurance adjuster looking for the right app, we have designed HOVER to do the hard work for you. The measurements and renderings produced by the HOVER app can be used by insurance adjusters in a number of capacities. Consult them to decide whether or not to issue a policy for a particular property. Rely on them to provide the right insurance premium to a homeowner. Or reference them to present an accurate estimation of coverage to a homeowner or their chosen contractor.

Get accurate measurements from smartphone photos

HOVER is a user-friendly app that turns photos taken on your mobile device into accurate exterior measurements of a home. Our patented algorithm calculates the numbers to create both traditional 2D schematics of the measurements and also an interactive 3D model of the home. Better yet, our measurements are 95% accurate. Aerial imagery is often not accurate enough to obtain detailed measurements. Also the images can be as much as three to five years out-of-date. HOVER measurements are accurate and current, so you can feel confident in relying on them.

How It Works

1. Install the free HOVER app
2. Create a new project
3. Follow the app instructions to take a few photos of the home
4. The photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud
5. Our patented technology goes to work calculating the home measurements
6. Receive the measurements in 2D and 3D format
7. Access your materials at anytime

Save time taking measurements

Photos and measurements provide data to help make a decision on underwriting insurance policies and processing claims. Unfortunately, the task of measuring a home by hand is time-consuming. It can also be inaccurate and prone to human error. As an insurance professional, you may not have the skills necessary to take the measurements in the correct way to get the right results. You may also neglect to factor in aspects of the home that affect calculations. HOVER takes the guesswork out of those measurements. It is one of the best apps for insurance adjusters to create and reference home measurements.

Access all your claims in the cloud

HOVER offers more than just accurate measurements. We also provide an interactive and easy to use web platform. This platform allows you, as the insurance adjuster, to easily access all of your claims in one place. Photos taken via the app are automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud. Additionally, all 2D and 3D renderings are available for access at anytime. All of these reference materials are organized and ready for you to use and share.

Choose a quality app for insurance adjusters

Whether you are an independent claims adjuster, staff claims adjuster, underwriter, home inspector or re-inspector – do the job right the first time. Choose an app that is designed to help insurance professionals obtain accurate house measurements, save time, and offer easy access to materials. HOVER does the labor so you can focus on the more important aspects of your job.

Try HOVER today - one of the best apps for insurance adjusters on the market.