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Top 10 Roofing Tools for Any Project

Top 10 Roofing Tools for Any Project

When you have the right tools for a job, you’re practically guaranteed a faster finish and higher quality. For residential roof installation or renovation, having the right tools can make or break a project. Whether it’s your first day as a contractor or you’re a seasoned professional, it’s important to have a toolbox that’s full of the best roofing tools. Here are a few we’d recommend:

Cordless Roofing Nailer

A roofing nailer is the most important tool a roofer should have in their toolbox, and a cordless nailer is a step above. Not requiring a hose or compressor, a cordless system reduces your setup and breakdown time to just a few seconds.

Most roofing nailers can fire at least two nails per second further increasing your productivity. You can even find heavy-duty nailers that have a zero-nail lockout feature. This prevents dry firing and will alert users when it’s time to reload.

Shingle Hog

We love a tool invented by roofers for roofers. The Shingle Hog was invented for the sole purpose of making it easier to remove a roof’s old shingles. It is powered by an air compressor and operates like a lawn mower—you push it along the roof, with the plow under the shingles, and it effortlessly rips them up.

It can be used to tear off two or even three-layer roofs! Plus, it reduces the physical wear and tear on a roofer's arms, back, and shoulders. This increases a roofer’s personal output and longevity in the industry.

Cap Nail Gun

If you’re still installing a roof’s underlayment with a nail gun, then it’s time to upgrade to a cap nailer. A fastener with a cap helps to increase and protect the holding power of the fastener. Meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions, better protecting the fabric from separating and tearing.

Most cap nailers can fire at least three caps per second, improving any roofer’s efficiency. And most of these nailers are small and lightweight, so you won’t be too weighed down heading up the ladder.

Automatic Staple Gun

If you’re quickly tacking an underlayment with the goal to add the roofing materials immediately, then an automatic staple gun is a must-have. Staple guns are much faster than a slap stapler or a hand tacker. Automatic staple guns are even lighter and cheaper than their pneumatic-powered cousins.

Pro tip: when looking for an automatic staple gun, be on the lookout for ones with an extra-long magazine. You’ll spend less time reloading which means more efficiency and happy customers.

Metal Cutting Shears

As a contractor, you need to be equipped for any type of project which is why a metal cutting shear is an essential addition to your toolbox. If a client has a metal roof, you need something that can cut away the old roof.

Most metal shears can attach to the back of a drill allowing for effortless cuts of heavy-duty metal materials. These lightweight tools cut in straight lines, curves, or squares, so you’re prepared for any project.

Roofing Hammer

As most roofers know, not just any hammer will get the job done. Roofing hammers are unique because they’re built with the job in mind—there are hatchets on the back to cut shingles, gauges to help position shingles, and magnetized faces to hold nails. And most roofing hammers don’t just have a nail claw on the back. The claw of roofing hammers is designed specifically to lift shingles.

Fiberglass Step Ladder

While it can’t fit into your toolbox, a step ladder is still crucial for any roofer. When looking for a ladder we recommend purchasing one that’s fiberglass because it’ll be lighter in weight and just as sturdy as metal. You should also look for ladders that extend at least 32 feet, have D-shaped rungs, and outside slide guides.

Caulking Gun

Caulking is essential for weather and waterproofing any roof, so having the right tool is paramount. Find one that works great with silicone, construction adhesives, and elastomeric and polyurethane materials. And one with a ladder hook is an added bonus.

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